Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

While I was in Thailand I had the amazing experience of seeing the Elephant Nature Park. This experience was mind blowing. I never in my life thought I would be stainding, feeding and petting elephants. The joy of this park is the owner buys these elephants from trecking, begging, working and other various harmful uses and brings them to her park to rehabilitate them and eventually send them back out to the wild Elephant Nature Park

This woman has such a big heart! along with Volunteers, she takes people like me who are interested in the care of these elephants but only have a couple of days..I wanted to do more than just tour and I was able to stay one night and two days!..along with elephants she rescues dogs,cats buffalo, and a couple monkeys. I honestly don’t remember what I paid for one night and 2 days but within this time I was taken for a tour around the facility, feed them 4 times, bathed them, learned about their teeth and general daily care. It was more amazing than I can currently type. Elephants are a special cereature. Don’t participate in trekking because they abuse their elephants, elephants are not suppose to be riden. Support this organization instead. If you support for a year it will cover the food and medicine for one elephant per year.




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