Love and Trick Eye Museum




As posted above you will notice the few pictures I can post which are not explicit from the Love Museum in Hongdae. It was my first time in a sex museum and it was so amazing. Even tho it was geared toward heterosexual couples there was still stuff to look at no matter what way you swing. It was awesome and for 8,000won it was totally worth it!! Some stuff was really funny. They have me a pair of goggles to wear (paper glasses) to disguise myself if I was too embarrassed to take a picture with the giant boobs or penis. It was a good experience!

My next stop was the next floor below the love museum. The Hongdae Trick Eye Museum. I suggest when/if you go to something like this you don’t go alone. I had some good people take pictures of me, but this it suppose to be enjoyed by more than just the solo traveler. It was fun and the art was really cool! I was shocked at seeing it without a person in the scene and then with someone else in it. This museum was 15,000won but it covered the Trick Eye and the Ice Museum, so I thought that it was worth it.





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