Pokemon Champions Day

A few weeks ago I headed to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the ddp for Pokemon Champions Day. I know… pokemon really!?!?! but I am in Asia, and Pokemon was a nice part of my childhood. First of all if you ever want to go to the DDP no matter what- do it! It is so beautiful!!! It is like a damn space station, the way it was desgined. But at this pokemon champions day I met a few cool cosplayers, tho I am not sure who they were because I am still on the original pokemeon…I saw so many people in teams and tournaments battling on their Nintendo DS and THERE WERE PEOPE BATTLING THE OLD SCHOOL WAY WITH CARDS!!! I only thought those cards from my childhood were collectors things now, but nooo- people still play with them. It was kinda neat, and I got to take a picture with Pikachu!






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