The Maja hits Korea

So for Chuseok in September Gina made a stop by Korea for the week. Needless to say I was excited to tears. I love my mother more than anything, she is my best friend. While she was here we went to the Hannok Villiage for Chuseok, I showed her a small part of Gangnam, North Seoul Tower, Bongeunsa temple, The Coex aquarium, Dongdaemun, Gyeongbokgung Palace, The War Memorial and of course pub 210. While she was here I did all the foreigner things with her… and we didn’t get everything I wanted to done. I can’t pick a favorite because spending it all and seeing it all with my mom was my favorite. I am glad I waited until she got here to do all of the touristy things.






One thought on “The Maja hits Korea”

  1. I had such a wonderful time with you in Korea . Every minute I spent there will be cherished all my life. I am amazed daily what wonderful, strong ,independent woman you are turning into, and you have a bright fun future ahead if you.


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