Zombie Walk/Halloween

Why not combine these two!?!?!?

First is zombie walk. I never expected to be in a zombie walk in Korea, but once I found the event on facebook I had to go! We walked all around Hongdae and I got some really good scares!!!




Halloween is my favorite holiday for those who don’t know me personally. I use to work for some haunted houses in NC and I just love the time of year. I didn’t know what to expect being in Korea. I am glad I didn’t count all my eggs in the basket because it was my first Halloween going to the bars and not being at a house party/haunted house. We (a group of us) bar hopped all over bundang. It was pretty fun tho I had a good group of people. The first night I dressed up as a black and red mouse… the second night I went to a Seoul Meer Market which was a LGBT meet up group on FB. I am so glad I went, and I went as the galaxy. It was quite wonderful and my costume was so on poit!!!

I hope you all had a wicked Halloween!






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