Busan South Korea

At the end of May I took a trip over a long weekend and headed to Busan.

I took the KTX which was awesome! I love trains. Arriving there I thought I could use my Tmoney card but I couldn’t and some really nice adjushi helped me get my ticket to Busan. I stayed at Pobi Guest House which I highly recommend. It is located on the backside of the market street.

The beach itself wasn’t like any NC beach or the beach in the Gulf of Mexico.. I walked up from the hostel and I was amazed at the amount of people there in day clothes hanging out.. I got closer and found a spot (I came when sand festival was there so I am sure that was way the crowd was there) but I noticed that nobody was swimming and there was nobody in bathing suits except for me. I didn’t care- I was there to tan and lay on the beach. But my point is that beach culture in Korea is definitely different from where I grew up. Women were walking on the sand in heels dressed to the nines just to hang out in the sand. People were in full head to toe wind jackets and jeans… they are there to take pictures or to eat, not to lay out and enjoy the sun.

beach fish market pobi


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