Kimbap..yummy in my tummy Kimbap

Kimbap is a Korean food that is similar to a sushi roll. On the outside is seaweed and inside is filled with yellow radish, rice, some type of meat and an assortment of veggies.
This was my first Korean meal when I arrived here. It was so amazing as other than airplane food it was the first substance I had eaten. It was so amazing because I had it without the fish cake. I still don’t eat


I have discovered this lovely Kimbap shop and I think it’s a chin. This specific one is located out the station-of exit 3 in Sunae.



The joy of this Kimbap shop is THEY SELL CREAM CHEESE KIMBAP!!! It’s got cream cheese, walnuts, carrots and cucumber and it is the most amazing type of Kimbap I have ever had!!!!


It ever get a chance! Go here- try it, it’s amazing!


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