Korea things:

I have discovered a lot about Korea… In no order…

1) pet clothes.. In Korea if you have a dog more than likely you will have a closet just for your furry friend. All these dogs are medium to small dogs as well. There are choices upon choices if clothes for your dog/cat here .

2) socks.. Korea is obsessed with cute socks. I am not complaining because one cute pair is a dollar. Socks are everywhere!

3) lack of salting in winter. In a fair amount if people walk. And since this is the case I have been surprised about how unprepared they are for the ice. I haven’t seen many sidewalks or walkways salted. It sucks because currently everything is a sheet of ice! It’s not like snow is a once in a lifetime event here. Prepare.. Salt the stairs and walkways! This surprises me so much because the adjummas and adjushis are so hell bent in all the trash which is nice. (In Korea is acceptable I have found to throw trash on the street if there is no trash can because they have old men and women that pick it all up-and they enjoy it) bit in the winter they just don’t care to salt anything!

4) hiking. Hiking in Korea is a big activity- most people enjoy hiking. Here in Korea tho.. No matter if it’s hiking or riding a bike you must dress like you are a professional. I have been hiking twice here and I felt so underdressed in a way compared to every Korean I passed.


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