The big burger debate of Greensboro

So Greensboro has some pretty awesome artisan burger joints… I have always favored the cute artistic Emma Keys ( Located on Walker ave. (side note:you can get a veggie burger at most of the Greensboro burger joints for people like myself)

Until.. The big burger spot.


This is located on battleground right past the Walmart. It’s connected to a gas station. It’s a small place with ab 10 tables and a bar.


As pictured my black bean burger (which is the “almost” size) and parmesan white truffle fries to share.


For those foodies or just general burger lovers- everything here is made fresh in house and in was also told they smoke their own brisket daily.

Outside they also have a sitting area for pets. You can have your pet painted on the wall (for 60$- 30 goes to the artist and 30 to animal support) you can even order food for your pet off their pet menu





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