Small bitch session

I have always contemplated this internally but I don’t understand the fact of working your assistance of every day until you are mentally, physically and emotionally drained.. All in order to have little sleep to wake up and do it all again. That is not what life is suppose to be like yet the world is money hungry that’s what we have become.. Slaves to labor. We work our asses off to barely get by (at least I do) and somehow have to pay for my education. I don’t understand it. We talk about how life is suppose to be lived and cherished–yet it is possible because we gave our first three children to our employers. I’m not lazy. I don’t mind working. Sometimes I enjoy it.. But not when I am pushed and stressed, working hard for the small benefits I get before they get taken away..

Maybe I should just go live in a self sustainable community. There are times where I feel like i would do better there.


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