Mr. Toilet

Yesterday I trucked out to Suwon and experienced the Toilet Museum. I tried not to go in expecting anything, but I thought it was going to be different toilets from all over the word. I was wrong. I was also sad to see it wasn’t as big as I was hoping for.

Upon arrival you see the outside which is the shape of a toilet. We walked through the history of Mr. Sim Jae-duck (Mr. Toilet)  who rebuilt his house in the shape of the toilet which is the museum today. The world toilet culture movement was started here in Suwon city in the late 1900’s. For a western person this seems a little strange but it makes sense when being in Asia. Mr. Toilet was passionate about the environment and while he was mayor he wanted to improve toilets (as they are seen as unclean places) while promoting match events for 2002 FIFA World Cup. so in 1996 Suwon vowed to make all their public facilities the best in the world…which started the Toilet Culture Movement–that has now spread worldwide today.









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