Things I’m Supposed to Do With My Fat

Dances With Fat

I saw a recipe on Facebook today from a fitness company called “Set Your Fat on Fire Fitness.”  It made me think of all the things the diet companies have told me to do with my fat:

Let’s Start with Setting My Fat on Fire

Setting my fat on fire

Then another favorite of weight loss schemes, often those that involve exercise: Torching my fat!

Torching My Fat

How about the ever popular melting my fat away:

Melting my fat

I saw an ad for a cosmetic surgery that wanted me to let them freeze my fat:

Freeze my fat

Of course this is about the idea that I’m supposed to think of myself not as a fat woman, but as a thin woman covered in fat.  I’m supposed to hate the fat which, in turn, is supposed to make it ok for people to sell me “self improvement” with language suggesting that I should burn, melt, freeze away or otherwise dispense with the…

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