Fried green tomatoes

Other than being an incredible side dish or main course with grits… Fried Green Tomatoes starring Kathy Bates Mary Stewart Materson and Mary-Louise Parker is one of the top feminist movies in my book. This movie being made in 1991 captures an essence of feminism I think has been forgotten. In the story two different stories are going on. Kathy Bates plays a typical housewife for her husband and trying to change herself to change her marriage. But after meeting a lovely friend realizes she is her own strong individual and no man can walk all over her- she became entitled to herself. Aside from her story there are many feminist moments in the movie. Idgie is herself throughout the movie- by this I mean she doesn’t give a shit what anyone says. She wears pants, and is a full blown tomboy. She is clearly a ( lesbian which is a whole other story) but Idgie fight for herself and the ones she loves. She stands up for Big George and Sipsey in court (both are her parents housemaid and farm hand). In that time in this area of the U.S. black people were still working as maids, handyman’s for the white elite and for Idgie to love both of these individuals enough to go to court for them because they would have automatically been executed says a lot about her.

I see so many lists about the top feminist movies and I don’t really agree with a lot of them. For me this is my top one. What are some of your favorite feminist movies?


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