Kakao talk.

Kakao talk is this amazing app in Korea. It’s a free texting app and everyone from elementary to the old adjummas have it. I use it to communicate with people back across the pond.

I’m was informed there was a Kakao cafe and since I am all about the theme cafes I obviously had to check it out. I was told it was located in Nonhyeon so I tricked out there today and found the cafe with no problem… But low and behold there was a problem. It no longer existed. I walked in and it had changed names. Once I sad down bummed, I got up to order my drink so I could charge my phone.. I pulled up the blog post and asked what happened. The barista said I would need to o to Coex to the popup store so that’s what I did.









So now it’s time to read through and see what Kakao friend you identify with. Upon reading you will find out who I identify with!!!
Groovy Jay-G is the mole with the sunglasses and the afro hair. He always makes it a point to get his afro done fresh and his suit crisp. He is a secret agent who finds inspiration from his largest idol, Jay-Z. Although Jay-G tries to portray an image of a calm, cool-headed and professional dude, he is actually as clumsy as a bear, has the heart of a pussycat, and is hungry for affection.

Apeach, on the other hand, is a mischievous peach overflowing with energy and emotions! This adorable peach, always full of pranks, ran away from the orchard in search for something fun and exciting. Apeach’s sexy behind is its charm, while its violent temper is its harm…. (Side note my mom calls this the butt- she didn’t believe me when I told her it was a peach)

Frodo is a wealthy and spoiled city dog with a small inferiority complex about his mongrel background. He tries to put on a chillax attitude and enjoy everything life has to offer, including taking time to savor a cup of coffee every morning. Beside Frodo is Neo, the love of his life. A prim and self-oriented cat who cares for no one but herself, she is obsessed with her bob cut wig, which is the source of her confidence.

Tube, the warm-hearted duck, is the character for you. He may seem like your regular feathered friend from afar, but when faced with fear, his alter-ego, the monster duck takes over. He is embarrassed of his small feet and makes sure his flippers are on to cover his feet. (I am tube!!)

Muzi loves dressing up in cute bunny costumes, but the truth is – he is actually just a yellow radish! His costume boosts his confidence. The playful veggie is as shy as a child without his costume on.

Con, on the other hand, is the tiny and mysterious crocodile with an agenda of his own. He has created Muzi from a radish, and keep an eye on Muzi at all times


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