“oh you look nice”

This is a phrase which I have come to detest. ” you look nice”.. Really just the word nice.

This is a phrase I personally feel like i heard a lot growing up and it is so generic. I feel like people would tell me this because of my size.. Or I didn’t look as lovely as someone else.. It hurts when you are standing next to someone and they are told “you are so beautiful!” and then I am told ” oh you look…nice..” I feel like this comment is said because of my size. It’s stereotypical that fat bodies can’t be beautiful or Sexy.. We can’t he anything but nice. People say this to save my feelings.. They don’t want to tell me I am beautiful because I am a larger body and according to the world I can’t be. So they settle on nice. These are my feelings with this word. It happens to me a lot and I hate it. I hate being told I look nice. I would rather nobody comment if that is what they will say. Even at work.. For example today.. Graduation day. I know I look amazing but I got told I looked nice.. But they keep commenting on others who are smaller than me.

I have to have this conversation with partners because it bothers me a lot. It’s kinda sad but these are my feeling a and my feelings are allowed to be felt.

Some of you may say I am being dramatic. It’s not a big deal. I shouldn’t focus on this. But I do. This happens to me. I am a larger body and I must fight for my place in this world.

Just tell me I’m beautiful.




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