Good-bye ROK

Dear R.O.K,

I can’t believe that it has been a year of me being in Korea. I have become very comfortable here.. aside from my place of employment. I will not be bashing my school because I want this post to be about the good things I have expereinced this past year.

I have done so much in Korea. I have done a temple stay, been to busan, viststed many different areas around Seoul, jimjilbonged, I have learned patience and how much I can handle. I have learned that I am okay living this far away from my family. I am overly independent.

A lot of people move to Korea to teach to pay off student debt. I say this with no regret that I haven’t. I took this year to travel. I went to Thailand. I explored. I am doing my thing. I am moving to Taiwan in a matter of days and I know there I will be able to focus and save money.

My life is slowly coming together at 26. I feel like I am slowly finding myself which happens many different times in life. I know who I am and I know what I want. I feel like myself. I have met and lost great people this year.. my grandfather passed and I was literrally a world away.. This year I have struggled more than I have in a long time but it has also shown me how to be strong. Doing what I did takes a lot of guts. To leave people and everything comfortable behind and solo go somewhere to live. I am proud of myself for everything I have done this year.

I don’t know what the future holds beyond my one contracted year in Taiwan. I have learned that you need to take things day by day. Enjoy the present. don’t dwell. You Korea have taught me how to put my cultural background into practice so thank you. I learned things in undergrad as a internaional studies major that I have been able to put into practice.

Korea has tested me as a queer woman and a woman of opinionated beliefs. I have been able to keep my beliefes in a very christian community and it has been tough. I have fought fat acceptance in my school. I am stronger.

Korea thank you for the amazing expereienes, the memories, the laughs and the tears. I will miss you but I am on to better emplyment and treatment.

Yours in education,


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