So I went out to eat for my first Hotpot meal!!

Not knowing what to expect I went in with an open mind. When we pulled up it was a beautiful building



We sit down at the table and there is something that reminds me of a dokgalbi table.. There is a stove in the middle of the table.

We look at the menu and there are all these different.options.. We order some broth, spicy for her and veggie for me.
And then we get all these veggies and shrimp, crab and ramen


So with this amazing thing you cut the stove on, add your veggies, wait for the broth to boil then add your meat/ramen.

This is a place where you go with a group of people to eat. It is all you can eat for 15 bucks a person. It’s so yummy. The best part is the sauce station


You can have and mix any of these sauces.. The best is a mix of the Brown “yum yum” sauce with a bit of soy sauce and topped with green onion. You can add it to your soup or eat it with the rice.

This is amazing and I can get it everywhere.


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