First week success 

It’s almost Sunday and I have completed my first work week in Changhua. The school is lovely and the kids are great. 

I love teaching here because I get to teach my kids a variety of subjects and they only get me from 9-1140. My school gives my kids an outside recess and a nap time. It is not run like a prison which I felt like I was in when I lived in Korea. Things are sometimes the same and it may just be an Asia thing.. I need to start preparing my kids for graduation which will take as much work as it did in Korea. But my boss is lovely. 

After Kinder I have my bushy classes (elementary) I love it tho bc yes I usually have class from anywhere between 130-710 but if I don’t have a class I am free to come and go. If I want to get coffee I can! So much more freedom here and that keeps the teachers happy and not so stressed. 

Compared to Korea the only concern here is the size of my classes. I have 19 kindy and my bushy classes are pretty large too. It will take adjusting and learning how to control more than a maximum class of 10.

I think Taiwan could be a good fit! 


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