Taiwan Lantern Festival 2015

I’m Last night I went to the Lantern Festival. Not knowing what to expect i thought it was going to be a parade like the one I saw in Korea. I was so wrong. This was massive and it took us 4 hours of walking around, and we didn’t see everything. About half way through we went to the vendors for snacks…

stinky tofu to try ( which i did, i hate it ) and noodles to take the stinky tofu taste away

green onion pancake

icecream in a toilet shaped bowl!

The best part about this is that it was a free event. In the states they would charge 10-20$ entry fee for something like this. It really was a cultural experience because they really celebrate with massive lanterns. This festival is held once every new year in different areas of Taiwan, i was just so lucky it was only 2 train stops from me! 

Every few hours they would do a show with ththis assume goat. It would light up and spin, changing colors and patterns to celebrate that this is the year of the sheep. At 9 after they did this light show they did a 10 min fireworks show which was neat. 

the goat

Some of the lanterns were made by junior high, senior high and college students for competitions and they were incredible!! Here are some of my favorites that I saw

Bear Pirate Ship

2015 sheep/goat

Peter Pan


the walk of good health, pass thrpugh the gate fpr good health in the upcoming yer

walk through for good fortune


a Taioist god/goddess.. dont remember

god of water


tmnt.. turtle power !!

Albert Einstein

the creepy cute sunflower

traditional red lanterns


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