A little blurb of Taipei so far.. 

This will be updated throughout day 1. 

So far I have arrived in Taipei and checked into the hostel after a confusing time making it to the HRS station this morning. I went to the wrong station and missed my train but I found a seat on the next one. 

I am staying in 8 elephants hostel and I really like it. It’s very small but really cozy. I highly recommend it for future state in Taipei. It’s really close to a metro station and around a lot of places to eat. 


After I got settled I went to find this LGBT shop. It was pretty easy to find with just the address and walking. It’s a great little “lesbian” specific shop which was kinda cool. They had a lot of stuff but it was a small shop. I got a ring I really liked since my old ring broke in Korea. 



And now I am currently typing this from the 89 floor of the Taipei 101 building. It’s actually pretty cool.here are some pictures. 



Below is the actual damper inside of the 101 building. This helps protect it from earthquakes. I think this is the only one set up for the public to view. And the cute damper baby mascots. 



I think I’m lucky Red. Which damper baby are you? 



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