Sorry for the delay

I know its been a while since I’ve posted. Life caught up with me in many good ways and I just haven’t had time. 

Let’s see so there is still stuff from Taipei I haven’t shared :

This is an ehxibit I happened to stumble across. It was quite grotesque in many places so I decided to take the happier moments. Despite the grotesque it was a moving exhibition. 


Below are pictures from the large Shillin night market. This market was too big and too crowded I couldn’t enjoy myself but I had to go to see what it was about. I went and I won’t go back.    


penis cakes



Taio Temple for tomb sweeping day. 


I forgot what this is called but I will call it “iced sweet tofu” because that’s what it is. And it was delicious. It has ice, some sweet syrup/sugar, boba and some bean. 


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