Tamsui District

Took the metro all the way past Beito to Tamsui. It was so gorgeous!!! I spent the day with a amazing individual and we walked all around the water front eating traditional Taiwanese foods. This icecream roll was my favorite. They use a “shaver” for the block of sugar and peanuts. So delicious! They add fresh cilantro on it before they roll it. I attempted it but it wasn’t for me so I pulled all the cilantro out.  

We  saw many different street performers and these two guys were my favorite. 



We got on the boat to head to Fishermans Warf. I didn’t know what to expect but the ferry ride was easy and I could use my metro card which was nice. It was so nice to be on the water again. I forgot how much I missed it. Reminds me of how bad I want to go to the beach. We stayed there to watch the sunset. We walked over lovers bridge and there is a small maybe 12 vendor market on the other side. Inside the market we saw more penis cakes and the lady said to eat the cake you need to cut it lengthwise down the middle and then into pieces. I laughed so hard. We walked back over and saw some runners and so we watched them. Then we sat down to watch the sunset with the rest of the crowd. It was beautiful. I defiantly want to go back here again. 





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