Lukang (Lùgǎng) is a old port city in Changhua. People call it a living museaum because when you walk down the old home and buildings are still used today. You can go in and see the structure and taste amazing food, buy cool gifts or visit the famous Longshan temple. It is a lovely area! I want to go back when it’s cooler! 

We met an artist who painted around the area. His works are below 



We went into a shop that interested me. It had soany lion masks. The man inside makes the lion masks for festivals. They were BEAUTIFUL! 



  The temple was massive and so many people! It was Maju’s birthday month soany people were there celebrating her.    

  The room of Maju  (above) 

  (For this picture see the sensory site of perception image) 

Last but not least I tried at radioman sugar candy. It was so sticky but good. The man let me take pictures. This is his job and he is so good. The pictures are in the order of the process. 



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