today we took a field trip to “taiwan you goods” cookie museaum. I never know what to expect but from my co teachers explanation it wasn’t fun. I enjoyed myself tho! Most of it was in Chinese but if you have ever baked a cookie from scratch you get the jist. This place was to educate the children on what happens to make theor favorite cookies. I liked the concept they used. Their mascot was a owl and the guides wore black wizard hats. 

 Our lovely guide. (Above) I wanted her hat but she said no. She did let me try it on.   
   The exterior of the school was set up like a castle and the inside decorations followed the theme. As someone who loves magic and Harry Potter I was digging the theme they had. He is a cute flour mascot on the wall. I liked him.   

Knowledge of yougoods. Let’s go!   

My sister needs a mixer this big!!!    Uncle and the giant rolling pin  

Sheep cookie mold!   The brands made at the facility

(Below) a packing room. Looking at this made me feel like I was in willy wonka. 

  A pie mold I think? 

The room used for cookie making classes. We did not do this. 


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