Tainan food

Tainan is an amazing place to get your foodie on! 

They have so many options for meat eaters. But I found some Haley friendly foods that were so tasty!    

  (Above) The first two delicious dishes were found near the Confucious Temple district. There was a wonderful Hawian  resturant. So delicious

(Below) Lucky Sheep.. A hot pot resturant we stumbled upon in search of dinner. It was a one type of hot pot because they advertise about being green and healthy. It was very delicious and kind of middle eastern taste to it. 

  SHRIMP CHIPS. These are delcious! They remind me of the Cajun crab dip i use to eat in the states. This one is the Spicy kind. 

Famous Tainan shrimp rolls. They were orgazmic. 

This is a crepe… It’s as big as my face! It was filled with veggies, chicken and cheese!   In Taiwan they burn the crepes like this. But it’s still delcious. 
Almond tofu! This is my favorite type of tofu so far! And not pictured is almond tea which is so tasty! 

Above is a massive snow cone. At the bottom was icecream. It has Obama o it. Apparently he likes snow cones. It was a nice treat for the Tainan heat.

 This was my first meal in tainan. It was called “xxchicken”. A basic stir-fry from what we would see in the states. 


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