What My Body is Not


Dances With Fat

Doug 5 Photo by Doug Spearman

I get so many messages about what a fat body is, I thought I’d talk about some of the things that my body isn’t:

My Body is Not Embarrassing

Being fat (or being called fat) is no more embarrassing to me than being (or being called) brunette.  These are just physical descriptors. It’s not that “fat” is bad in and of itself, the problem is that people attach all kinds of stereotypes to the descriptor.  If someone is to be embarrassed, it’s the person who wants to mistreat a group of people based on how they look.

Often when fat people get fat-shamed or fat-bullied we get embarrassed.  Let’s put the embarrassment where it belongs.  It’s not embarrassing to be fat, and it shouldn’t be embarrassing to be fat-shamed.  It’s embarrassing to be a fat-bigot and it’s embarrassing to be a fat-shamer.

My Body is…

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