The Old North State

This is a letter to where I was born and raised.

You are in my blood. I was born to love your salty sunsets of the coast and the view from the Appalachian mountains. Your wonders never fail to leave me breathless.North Carolina there is no arguing how beautiful you are and how Mother Nature has blessed you. My issue is my own. I have always been somewhat ashamed to be from you. To be associated with the bigotry and negative standpoints on my personal beliefs. I am a progressive forward thinker and NC I felt like you held me back. Over the years as I have grown I have changed my view-point on you. Growing up breathing your air I have never been so happy to say I am from North Carolina. That all people from you are not associated with those who are bigots and backwards thinkers. I am proud to come from a place that has beauty in the small life. Where sitting on a porch with family is normal. There are parts of the south I struggle to accept some things. but I have come to realize the south is apart of me and it is a way of life. Wildflowers are apart of culture and pickup trucks are like religion. NC we have had a hard road in our past but I see a beautiful future in store for us somehwere. I don’t condone a confederacy or racisim, but the way of life and a North Carolina accent are somewhere in my blood. Your red dirt and beauty run through my veins and respect that I was taught is in my heart. North Carolina thank you for helping make me who I am. 


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