Rock in Taichung 2015

Last night (thank god it was beautiful weather because today has been pouring down rain all night) was the Rock in Taichung with me Music Festival.

It is a free event at a lovely park. This event is a weekend long event of bands preforming on 1/4 stages around the park. They also have many local vendors, a lot of street food and popular NGO’s around the area for those who don’t enjoy the type of music playing. I was unable to attend Friday and Saturday due to other plans. I was sad because P!SCO a band I have seen before and really enjoyed played on Saturday night. (below is a song by P!SCO)

P!SCO “I wish you love”

but Sunday night was awesome. We arrived about 6.. and not knowing what to expect we walked up to one of the smaller stages. It looked like a battle of the bands stage fro highschool haha. anyway. Proceeding onto the main stage I was really impressed with the first act I saw. They are from Japan called Hysteric Lolita. An all girls band. They are pretty “poppy” but overall I loved them. The bassist from the band was awesome and was so fun to watch.

 Hysteric Lolita Emotional Girl

Then we went to get food. We had a dinner of chicken pie and fried mushrooms with fresh watermelon juice! YUM!

The next and last band we saw was wonderful. Their music is a little Buddhist based with a cool flute and gong thing. They are called ZenKwun and they are a Taiwan band based out of Taoyuan.

A song from ZenKwun


I also scored some free Taiwan political stickers which are pretty rad!!! 



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