My favorite night market foods! 

Night markets in Taiwan are full of food, shopping and people. Everything is cheap and you can spend hours there. This is going to be continuely updated as I find new and exciting things. 

Sweet potato balls. This is a wonderful little find about anywhere. It’s just little balls of fried sweet potato. The small bag is usually around 20NT and it’s enough for me. Below they are making the balls. They fry them and then put them ontop to drain the oil and cool.    

BBQ. Americans this is not shredded pork. Don’t get excited. Taiwanese BBQ is what I personally consider kabobs. Different from what the Turks consider kabobs. It is a variety of protien and veggies on sticks and they pop it on the grill. Most places charge per stick and the price varies depending on the meat or vegi. The bbq rice cake is my favorite with a few greenbeans and mushrooms. Below is a quick side shot of a BBQ stand. See so many options! (Note it is all on the same grill so definitely not vegan!)   


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