Yesterday we decided to get out of Taichung, and headed to Puli. From where we were it was about a 40 min drive and it was very beautiful. Upon arriving our first stop was the Paper factory. This was a really cool spot and totally worth it. We parked and walked up the hill to the factory. It was a completely open space. We went on a guided tour in Chinese but there are signs in English for those who don’t understand Chinese. After the 20-30 min tour you can pay for a 40 min DIY to make your own paper.

 Below are workers making paper


After the paper factory we headed to the geographical center of Taiwan. This is a cool spot as it has some small hiking trails.  

You can drive up to the top of the mountain or walk which would take about 30 min. At the top you can see all of Puil and you can pay around 2,000NT to go gliding. 

  With the flight it is around 20 min and you are attached to an instructor. 

Our next stop was lunch at a vegi Vitnamese shop. It was my first time having Vitnamese food and I loved it!  
Above is vegi pho and below are the spring rolls   

The last stop for the day was the Puli Wine Brewery. This was a let down as it didn’t look anything like I expected. There was a small museum which was kind of interesting. I got a picture with the wine urns.  I also learned the 10 Commandments of drinking. I did not get to sample any drinks as it was a confusing mess. I left feeling sad because I was expecting to taste wine. I did get some delicious mango icecream tho! 




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