Why I stopped shaving my pits, but not my legs

Note- not my armpits!

So this might gross a few of your out. I am not sure why it will maybe because culture and society has told women for years that it is more feminine to shave the natural hair on your body. I have stopped shaving my arm pits (but there is something about the feeling after shaving my legs that I find so intoxicating so I will continue to shave those for me.)

I have been an avid armpit shaver for a long time. I remember being in late middle and high school it would bother me so much to have the slightest stubble under my arms. I would feel gross even seeing it. I also use to get really itchy very dry skin under my armpits after shaving (beauty is pain, right?!?) I would also every so often get these big bumps that would be sore. I still continued to so this.

Upon growing I have realized WHY!?! why do women subject themselves to this torture. Stubble, dry, itchy, nicked, bleeding.. (I can say the same for legs but again I love the feeling I get after I finally shave them and put lotion on them) I understand that women will feel the same about armpits the same way I feel about legs. That’s fine. I am not here to condemn you into hell for shaving. I just wanted to share that I have stopped. My girlfriend doesn’t mind which is obviously a plus and I feel better. I don’t itch from the dry skin, I don’t get these nasty gross bumps. American’s are crazy about women not having body hair. It is not common to really shave like we do in Asia. Taiwanese don’t usually shave their legs from my experience.

Also a feeling on the crazy cool dyed pits. HELL YES!!! I think that’s what’s up! I have always wanted crazy color hair but having the crazy pit hair is pretty sweet I think. I know it’s out there for most people but I say if you want to do it do it!

Thanks for reading my personal rant/feelings on this.  Feel free to share your own feelings and opinions (as long as they are positive!)


2 thoughts on “Why I stopped shaving my pits, but not my legs”

  1. Interesting read! Good on you!!! I am always ranting about how unfair it is that there’s such enormous pressure for women to be like these smooth, hair free perfect beings. Let alone the time it takes to keep it up, but the money and pain. It is all about socialisation obviously- maybe one day the tide will turn and being hair free will be seen as a rare thing, and hair will be celebrated! Though I doubt this will happen:(

    Despite my views I haven’t stopped shaving my legs etc, my Mediterranean side means that I’m “blessed” with very dark, thick hair! I do wish I had more of my Asian side genetics in this regard ah ha!

    I wish I didn’t play to such societal conventions, but alas I can’t help but be influenced. Well, in my own little way I’ll add to the dialogue by continuing to rant!:)


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