Encore Gardens

I have always been fascinated with abandoned places. They look sadly beautiful to me. I like to look at them and imagine what it was like in the prime of the place. I have never been to an abandoned place before this. A coworker of mine told me about Encore Gardens in the heart of Taichung, Taiwan. I immediately googled it. Encore Gardens was a theme park in the 1990s and shut down after the earthquake of 1999. It was known for its water and light shows from what I have been told. 

I was so ready to go! We did get lost on the way. But it was a beautiful ride on the scooter.   

We finally found the right road and we entered the front gate to find it empty. No guard awaiting us like we were prepared for. We hopped the fence and began the adventure.

  The front entrance and what I assume the exit. 
  Below are a few places in the park. It was a beautiful place. There was so much to salvage. I hope the new owners can turn it into something amazing like it once was. We found the old bug museum and we walked around there which was slightly freaky.   
  Above- the entrance to the big museum   
The garden is one of the top 10 scariest abandoned theme parks according to Telegraph uk. I didn’t find it haunting or scary at all. It was just sadly beautiful- but made for a fun adventure! 


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