Taichung Pride

On October 3, 2015 Taichung City held their pride parade. *note, I use the term queer as an umbrella term for anyone falling under LGBTQUA-XYZ* From 2-3 there was an actual walk with many queers and groups in support of equality and solidarity. After 3(-6) there were a few performers and people who spoke. There were quite a few booths set up for information and cool little trinkets. I finally bought myself a pride flag and I got a really awesome bag from someone for a friend! This pride had about 5-6,000 people in attendance according to the host of the event. I was so shocked to hear the numbers, because I expected less than 1,000. It was held in People’s Park and it was such a relaxing time. It was nice and free to be around so many queer’s. I was interviewed by someone from a university in Taichung on why I came to the event. So that was pretty rad.

front of my shirt
front of my shirt
the back
the back

I was told that all day the Taichung City Government building had a rainbow flag up all day in support. I wish I could have seen such a wonderful sight from a government building!


Overall it was a really relaxing pride event. I hope I can join the big one in Taipei but so much to do so little time.


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