Halloween nightmare 

So Halloween at school was crazy to say the least. My school had a theme for their event. The theme was crazy Japanese monsters, but in a cute fashion. This gave me a massive headache bc I don’t know what a cute Japanese monster is. I handmade my costume like I did every year. I wanted to do a lake monster but when I was done my dress had more leaves, so I tried to turn it into a forest nymph… It kinda worked?   

I turned out with this clown looking thing instead. This was my look for the night event. At the night event we had stations of games and I was painting nails and faces. I’m so glad bc that is my favorite. My area was so super busy so the night flew by! 

During the school day we went trick or treating around the school. My kids were cute, lots of super heroes!!!    
Since our event was Japanese based, many of the Taiwanese teachers dressed in Geshia outfits, some of them did a good job sticking to culture, but there were a few of them who took it a little across the line of cultural appropriation which makes me really sad. I wasn’t okay with the theme to bein with, and seeing these horrible short and bad geshi outfits made me even more sad. Geisha is a culture, people still perform the Geshia art today. If you must dress like them please do it accurately, so you don’t offend people. This my rant. 

Anyway the event was fun aside from my painting nail after nail. 

This is a group shot of most of the staff at the end. I love Halloween but I’m so glad it’s over for a year. I did my traditional Halloween night in with classic movies and wine. It was very relaxing. I hope everyone had a frightfully great holiday. Now on to thanksgiving!


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