Butterbeer in Taichung’s Diagon Alley

So this weekend was filled with fun shopping trips and lots of kisses! 

During the day we hit up people’s park for some shopping, lunch and icecream. We had lunch at a place called Hot Spot or something like that. We won’t go again- neither of us were impressed. But the decor was super western. After lunch we trotted down to Mollies used books and of course I would stumble upon “the history of sexuality”- this book gives me terror flashbacks to WGS and having to pick Foucault apart and being confused as hell!  

Then we ended up at Coldstone because well icecream is my weakness. It was buy one get one so definitely took advantage of that!   

We went to Fengjia night market for the first time. I was expecting something similar to Shilin night market in Taipei, the shoulder to shoulder – shuffle your feet crowd but to my surprise it was spacious yet filled of people. I was let down bc it was pretty focused to college kids, or younger ages. A lot of clothing and accessory shops. But a good place to get some food and see cool stuff. 

Upon entering the back side near the university I saw a drink shop called Diagon Alley- I had to try. And I ordered the butter beer. It was good(a lot of milk) and I wish they had shaken it instead of layering it. But all in all it was a good drink!   


We had dinner at a local spot and I got a cheese potato at a food stand! Delicious!!! 


Then we walked back through the night market and headed home. Luckily caught the last bus which leaves a little after 10.  

  Cool vegi umbrellas- I didn’t buy 😦


 I like to call this “forigeners please proceed this way for your stores”


I love her- so much 😘



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