Maja “Gin-cha” first stop Taipei 

Mommy finally made it to Taiwan after hours of being delayed!!  

I absolutely love my mother- she is the best mommy ever in the whole world! 

We spent the first day in Taipei. We visited 101. Taipei 101 is one of the tallest buildings in the world. You get into an elevator from the 5 floor and in 37 seconds you arrive on the 89. It is a beautiful view of the city as well. I have been twice and I defiantly prefer it at night.    

Then we went to Betiou to see the hot springs! It’s really pretty there and mom tried her first hotpot! (We did not visit the hot spring) 


I finally got to have a vegi zongzi!!! And it was delicious! We went to the Jade and flower market which was really overwhelming for me. It was ungodly crowded- but mom got all the jade she could ask for! 

Below mom got to experience the night market. I couldn’t get her to taste stinky tofu but she did try pig intestines! What a trooper. Needless to say Yenni  had to finish those off haha. At the night market we played some games and lost- and got foot massages! 


Our next to last stop in Taipei was Longshan temple.We had a traditional breakfast of rice and dumpling soup! 

Right before leaving we headed to the Red House which was one of the first markets. We sat and had tea and enjoyed company before departing to Kenting! 



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