Simple Life 

I live for free music events!   

This weekend the city government park in Taichung held the event called Simple Life. This is an event that is usually held in Taipei and you pay for entry. This year we got lucky to go for free. It was a huge event with many different stages. 

I watched 雷光夏  perform. She writes music for a lot of movies. She was wonderful- very moving music and at the end she sang “If” by Bread and I cried. I feel very lucky I got to see her. While she was singing it was so silent all around which makes for a good listening enviorment for her music. You could really feel it. We could only get one partial picture from our seats.  

There were SO MANY vendors. I spoiled myself and got a scarf that was hand sewn and dyed with onion! Also an amazing cup of fair trade coffee. If you’re in Taichung tomorrow go check it out! 



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