Maja 2 stop-Kenting 

After our quick trip we went down to the south to Kenting. We stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast right off the Main Street. My body was craving to be in the water for so long. I think I am part mermaid. The weather was absolutely perfect for a 3 day trip there. Day 1 we hit the beach. And bc it was during the week in off season it as pretty much ours!


The 2 day we hired a private diver to take us around part of the national park. We stopped to see many place- he spoke English and was so sweet!


The above and below are pictures at the southern most point of Taiwan.

And below if you can see the face- is a rock and Kenting locals call it the Nixon rock bc it resembles president Nixon.

These are pictures of the Pacific Ocean. If you fly about 16-18 hours you will end up in Hawaii.
The map of the park. We started around the blue box, and we went around to the right of the map toward the lighthouse and up- then we came back the same way. A very cool 4 hour tour!


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