Taichung and Maja Gin-cha. The last stop

After Kenting I wanted to take my mom back to Taichung to experience my day-to-day. Also so we could just have time to hang out and relax without feeling like we had to constantly be on the go.

I took her to the art museum in Taichung bc get its free and I love a good free art!!! If you read my previous post about artists in movement- you will see what we saw.  

We also went to Sun Moon Lake with Yenni and that night we had an amazing dinner with her awesome family! It was my first time too at Sun Moon Lake. We did the boat tour around the lake which I really enjoyed. It was super coolness.   Yenni loved the pink boat so I had to get her picture with it!

After Sun Moon Lake we went to 文武廟 temple which is the biggest temple I have ever seen. It was beautiful!!!              

On the way back into Dali we. Stopped at the paper done which was cool to see this structure made with paper on the inside and the grounds were so lovely- it was this quaint garden with a cafe.

 The last picture is from the inside of the dome where the seats and the wall strips are made of paper from my previous paper factory post!



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