3 different counties and a year later. 

Well it is 2016. And we are well into day 2/3 depending on where you are in the world while reading this.

The better part of 2015 was spent in Taiwan with my magical leading lady and the latter in Korea. In between these two countries I discovered the beauty of Thailand. I am a seasoned teacher with a year under my belt and lots of tricks up my sleeve. 2015 gave me laughs and heartbreak as life often does.

I have found a home- a place I belong. I am not just talking about with my partner but in Taiwan. I love it here. People always ask me when I will leave and I tell them never- and I mean it. I really see myself being here for a while. For my own reasons but that’s for another day.

I’m sure you’re wondering if I will get to my resolutions and I don’t really make them. Or I don’t like to label them as such. I will be giving up things and continuing improve on some things. (I think if you label them a resolution and you don’t stick to it- you and society makes you feel like shit)

Let’s start with what I shall improve

  1. Mandarin- I love Taiwan but it’s hard to speak of you don’t know the language. I study had and hope I can be fluent one day
  2. Running- I run. Or I have been. For 2 weeks. I don’t care about my numbers, weight or bmi bullshita but it’s now I feel after it. My body feels stronger and my mind more clear. I want to continue this for those reasons
  3. To *continue * being an amazing partner to my buttercup. She deserves the best!
  4. Traveling- I live in Asia but there is so much more to see!
  5. This one is the hardest one. To enjoy. It is such a simple word. It’s taken for granted I my life. I want to keep stopping and enjoying life- not being bogged down by it!

What I will say goodbye to-

  1. Apologizing for who I am. If you know me you know I constantly say I’m sorry for many things. Being in Asia hasn’t helped lol. I will really try and stop the silly apologies for things that are beyond my control
  2. Clutter- as a teacher I has found that I collect things now- papers and things for art supplies that I think I will use but don’t. They sit around and collect dust and take up space!
  3. Breakfast store black tea. It’s oh so yummy but so bad for me 😦 this will be hard lol

Tell me yours! What will you strive for in 2016? What ill you kiss goodbye?


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