It is lunar New Year- year of the money. I had a week off work and so I went to Japan! 

Japan is a beautiful country- it’s people are sweet and they have such a good attitude to their jobs. Whatever the Japanese person does- they do it very well and always with some level of enjoyment.

The first day was spent in Toyko at the owl cafe. I loved this place and was so happy I got to go! 

Owl Cafe (you can read more about it and book reservations online here)
We waited outside for like 20 min not knowing what to expect- I assumed it was a normal cafe where you order drinks and hang out with owls. Upon entering it was a very small place and very quiet. Owls lined the walls on perches and most of them were sleeping. There were no drinks but we got 1-2 hours to hang out and hold the owls. A very rewarding experience since in Japan owls are looked highly upon for good fortune. 



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