Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji is a breathtaking, place in Japan. Before we get started no I did not go to the suicide forest. Tho I wanted to go very bad, it was just too cold and snowy to walk around.

That being said our first night in Mt. Fuji was at one of two tatami hotels. For those of you not familiar with tatami- it is a hotel where you sleep on the floor, in the traditional Japanese style.

Walking to the first hotel
Outside of the first hotel 
Second hotel 
Inside a room after the mats are laid down. This is what we slept on.


While in Mt. Fuji we did a lot of stuff around the area. We took a boat ride and a cable car. The cable car was quite terrifying. It was cute tho. At the top the cable car stopped and we got out and there was a cafe and spots to take pictures. I also experience eating rice from a vending machine. That was pretty cool, and not bad. America could benefit from similar vending machine service.

View from the boat ride 
The lake for the boat ride and across from our hotel
View from the car.


While in Mt. Fuji and since there was  snow, we had to have a snowball fight. If you have never been with people for their first ever snowball fight- you should. It was just magical watching these kids partake in something I grew to just shrug off. It was beautiful. DSC_8164

Upon entering and leaving the area we were staying, we had to go to this station. The station is so lovely, and has a great view of the mountain.



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