Ahh finally a break! It’s tomb sweeping weekend which means a long holiday weekend for  everyone! Arleen and I are taking a trip. 

So upon researching before my trip here I will say the blogs about Chiayi are few and far between, even trip advisor has very little in places of interest. 

We took the HSR from Taichung, and took a taxi from hsr Chiayi to our hostel.. That was around 4-500NT. It was a long drive. 

Our hostel is so small and quaint. Casa Backpacker Hostel. The guy Jack who we assume is the mysterious Lisa’s husband we keep seeing signs about.. He is a lovely gentalman. He was so happy and greeted us warmly. Our room awesome and Jack was so friendly to help us figure out how to get some places! 

Our first day in here we went to the Hinoki Villiage


Above- train passing on the Alisan Railway   


After our village trip and a long wait for the bus- we ended up having dinner at an amazing local place. No broken Chinese needed for this place- they had an English menu provided! 


We dined on egg and vegi soup and shrimp fried rice.    

 Day one in Chiayi was a success. 



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