Lonely coffee shop lovers

Today I saw this interesting article on facebook. (posted below)


Like many people who get diagnosed with depression of some kind it turns quickly into a game- a game I personally like to call

” medicine roulette” 

Medicine roulette is a game with anyone medically diagnosed with any kind of depression plays. They go to the doctor and try pill after pill until they find one to work. This could take months upon months. If you are one of the lucky ones you only have to try a couple of times. For me it was about 4-5 different tries until I found one that worked. Now I have been on anti depressants for quite some time (over 6/7 years) and I over the past couple of years have been wanting to stop.

I don’t like the feeling of being dependent on them and from high school to now my depression and anxiety and pms hormones have greatly subsided. The thought of stopping my medication tho makes me anxious. Being in Asia I didn’t have a doctor to speak to about this until recent. I went to visit someone for a refill and like a new doctor does asked about my history- in Asia they don’t prescribe depression/anxiety medicine like candy as they do in the states. When he heard how long I was on it, I swear he was going to fall out of his chair. Talking about how I feel now he decided that maybe I should stop. With support of my mom and my gf; I amstating as of April 1; to cut my citalopram in half. To only take half for 2 months to begin stopping completely. I am scared and anxious but I hope one day i hope to be free from it. 


One thought on “Lonely coffee shop lovers”

  1. You will do fine. When you start to feel anxious walk or jog deep berath and try yoga and meditation. Focus on the good things and your blessings


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