Mud monsters go to jail

On day 2 in Chiayi we went to the Chiayi prison museum as our first stop. It is about a 10-15 min walk from the Hinoki Village we went to on the previous day. We took a taxi from the Chiayi bus station Bc we were not gonna make it in time for the 10:30 tour. The taxi was a little less than 130NT (taxis here start at 100NT currently)  

The jail was so nice! Very nice for a prison. it was a museum of an older jail tho. the tour was all in Chinese but we were able to wonder around. The museum had a positive vibe which was strange for the surroundings. 


Dental chair     Assuming the above was a worship area 

 You can see the toilet behind Arleen. This is a single cell 

After the prison trip we returned to the station to get on the bus bound for Guanzhiling for the famous mud hot spring. It was about 1.5 to 2 hour bus drive up he mountain. The bus dropped us off in a lovely park and we walked up the mountain. We entered a lovely hotel/spa to use their hot spring facilities. 400NT/ person for a inside sauna and spring, then you can go outside in bathing suits for the mud, a variety of 5 different springs of varying temps, plus a swimming pool, and the coolest part was they had a fish foot tub! I finally got to experience the little fish nibbling my feet! This was an amazing place to spend 3-4 hours! 


An awesome friend we met! 


After the dip in the pools we were starving so we went across the street where happy Taiwanese were happily ready to feed some hungry Americans. The menu was in Chinese so the server helped us to order between broken English and Chinese we decided on a set for 2 people that was just under 700NT – IT WAS SO MUCH FOOD! more than enough for 2 people! I would say 3 people would be able to finish this set.    


This is only one half of the menu, and I forgot to take a picture of the front.. 


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