I have found the holy grail.. 

… Of planners and journals.

For those of you not familiar with me I love a good planner- I am old fashion that way. I don’t use google calander or apps to keep my daily life in order, to plan events or book appointments. 

I write them by hand. Yes you hear this correctly- I carry a book around with me and it is full of marks and colors that make up my life. Before today I was very prone to the slingshot organizer Found here– I loved the set up, the art and the quotes. Having this planner made me feel great. Since I have been in Asia I haven’t been able to use it because I would have to pay a lot for shipping. I would use the standard planner. Which worked but I was at a loss of creativity with it- also my writing has been slacking a lot but..


I have discovered this thing called a bullet journal. It is a planner and journal IN ONE! And it is so cheap and easy. 

All you need is a notebook of your choice. I prefer hard covers. And a great pen or set of pens… You can get crafty with it by using stamps, stickers and washi tape which I do. Or other variety of crafting materials. 

I have been on Pinterest all day looking at different examples of the bullet journals. It is so customizable to you and your style! 

How to bullet journal
So if you feel like giving something new a try- go out and spend a few bucks and plan, doodle and journal away!!!!! 


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