Taiwanese Souvenirs

If you travel you are likely to buy souvenirs for yourself or people back home. These can get really expensive if you buy for many- or don’t know what to buy or where to look. Below are a list of affordable souvenirs I suggest when visiting Taiwan..

  • In general no matter where you are in Taiwan you can always find a 7-11 or grocery store like PX mart (with a blue and red sign). Here I suggest picking up some ramen/instant noodles. Asia is the land of instant noodles and there are so many flavors.


  • A bottle of 58. For those of Pi who enjoy your liquor 58 is the thing to take back. It is a cheap bottle of what I consider Taiwanese moonshine. Most Taiwanese drink it straight like one would drink a good scotch or whisky.


  • Pineapple cakes. These are small cakes filled with a sweet/sour pineapple filling. They have come to be one of my favorite things.
  • A box of tea. Taiwan is famously known for its black, green or oolong teas! They are easy to find at many night markets, cafes or tea stores. While you’re there go ahead and have a traditional tea tasting!


  • Hit up a stationery store. Taiwan has traditional games usually at bigger stationary stores like Stationary 101.
  • Night markets- a night market is your go to for cute socks, jewelry and traditional candy or snacks.
  • If all else fails pick up a postcard. A postcard can be framed and given as an awesome memento!

If you are in Taichung make sure to grab some famous sun cakes!



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