Some people feel the rain.. others just get wet.

Well Hello there!

Dragon boat festival has come and gone and with it means the wonderfully awaited 4 day holiday that comes with it.

This year Yenni and I went to the east side of the island. I am so glad we did. Upon our arrival we were exhausted. It was a long journey from the doors of my building to Chows house- but seeing Yenni’s friends sweet newborn babe made it all worth it.

this sweet bundle of joy!

After arriving we set out for our first adventure after a quick lunch. We stopped by Shanyuan beach which we will return to later in the trip. I craved the water. It started to rain so we headed to Xingdong  for the old sugar factory. This was quite an awesome space- the old sugar factory has been turned into many different art spaces and shops! Yenni got to see someone famous as well, an artist she likes. I played paparazzi and snapped a picture. We sat at a shop and I had a very ginger and brown sugar slush. We were just beat after the trip we all ended up going to sleep early.

Sugar Factory

Day 2 was quite the adventure! I am so glad we got a rental car. I couldn’t imagine doing all the stuff we did on scooter. My ass would be so sore! It was all about seeing the views today. We started off at Xiaoyeliu to see the landscape but it was crowded. We got a few pictures and then left to head to Sanxiantai.

pebble beach

In Sanxiantai we visited Pebble Beach. This was beautiful. It was my first time being on a beach with no sand. Of course pictures were taken, then because it is Taiwan and rainy season the rain began and we sat on the pebbles with an umbrella to our backs just enjoying the view and each other. We finally got tired and went back to Doulan for lunch. Yall- there was mexican food. I was so happy. If you don’t know me, I have this deep love for Mexican food and I miss it a lot, so when I discovered this place of course I had to drag Yenni to eat. It was delicious. Dulan 102 is the place to go! Also I got to drive-it felt so good to drive a car again. 

mexican food isnt complete with out an amazing beer!

After Mexican I needed my swimming time, rain or no rain I was getting in the water and that is what I did. We headed back to the beach and went swimming and there was nobody there because of the weather. After about an hour we headed back for showers and dinner which was good Indian food.

Day 3 was the last day in Taitung. We packed up the car and headed out. We went to Luye Gaotai and had a great mountain adventure together. We visited the sight of the hot air balloon festival and I had custard apple and pineapple ice cream which was delicious! Even tho it was rainy, it was gorgeous and so green. We visited the Bunun Tribe and visited the small little league baseball museum. Hongye Baseball Museum is a a pretty small museum that is attached to Hongye Elementary School. It is dedicated to the young baseball players that beat a Japanese team in a friendly game in 1968- It was really cool to see and Yenni was so happy so seeing her enjoy it was enjoyment enough for me. After this we headed back into the city for our final errands and then headed to Kaohsiung (which will be a separate blog post so go check it out). 

custard apple icecream
moving moment from the tribe
hot air balloon area
baseball museum

Despite the bad weather, it was a great trip and I defiently would love to go back and do more in Taitung. So until next time- and look out for my post on Kaioshung!

my everything



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