Rainbows aren’t just for pride

Somewhere in Taichung ( Chunan Rd, Nantun District, Taichung City, 408) nestled among the tall apartment buildings and scooters lay little military dependent villages, that were constructed in the 1940s during the time of Chiang Kai Shek. These are poorly built, very small, government owned houses that were to house a family of many. From my understanding in the 1990s the government decided to tear down the abandoned villages to make room for apartment complexes and other buildings. Since these places are govemrent owned, the people who still reside there don’t have ownership. 

Mr. Huang, aka “rainbow grandpa”, is a Hong Kong born military veteran who fought against the communist during Shek’s reign. He took it upon himself to paint the little house/village. What started for him as a peaceful protest to the government to keep his home has become a popular tourist attraction today. He is currently around the age of 93 and his use of color is extrodanry! 

If you visit please feel free to drop some change into his donation bucket, buy a drink or even some cool souviners to help the cost of paint. At 93 he still goes out to keep his art fresh and up to date for the tourists! 


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