Fight with my stomach.. Travel edition 

So for those of you who know me- this will come as no shock or surprise. My stomach acted up and I went to the ER in Chaing Mai. The night of our day 3, our first night at the romantic resort I got pretty sick out of the blue- woke up and started puking almost automoticly. Being 30 min outside the old city made it difficult but a lady that works at the resort drove us to the ER and helped us with translation when needed. My experience there was less than exciting. It took forever! I will never complain about Taiwanese hospitals being slow again- I missed Taiwan hospitals.  We sat there for hours before seeing a doctor or getting an IV drip. Granted the ER was very clean and had a good English speaking staff. Coming to the time to pay I was quite surprised with how moderate the price was for not having insurance. I paid a little over 100 USD for the ER visit, 30 min IV drip and medicine (which come to find out was reversing my symptoms and making me more sick)

Our lesson was learned to buy insurance before traveling just incase. And me being me, I should have known and thought before hand.  

It was apart of our trip and made it unforgettable- I love Y so much for sticking it out with me and for taking such great care of me, also for taking pictures! I love her so much and she really did a wonderful job. She’s amazing y’all. 


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